Here at Cold Xpress, we are cold couriers who pride ourselves on our ability to deliver and we are especially proud of our network of chilled deliveries. We perform thousands of chilled and frozen deliveries in both metro and regional Victoria everyday and we constantly strive for nothing but the very best when delivering your goods.

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We Know Transport it’s what we do

“We’re in transport. Things happen all the time in transport. What sets us apart is how we react. If it’s 1 box or 100 pallets. Every box means something to us. When we started doing this there was only 2 or 3 main companies that did country deliveries with refrigerated. They dictated to the customers when they went, how things were done, if you didn’t like it, there’s the door get out. Service is the main thing that we provide. Where our competitors might go once a week to an area, we’ll go five days a week into the country.” – John

Above and Beyond for our Customers

“My dad used to always say; if you go above and beyond for your customers then the return is always greater on the other end. Something that his father installed in him when he was starting out in his business.” – Jack

“If you say to your customer this is going to be there on Wednesday morning around this time, then we need to make sure that that happens and we do that. I like dealing with people. I’m not stuck behind a desk. I love what I do. So, it doesn’t feel like work.” – John

“Because they’ve owned a store before, my parents, they know what it’s like on the other side when a delivery is late. If their product shows up out of temp, well they can’t use it and then obviously they can’t sell it so the store could potentially lose the client and it’s got a chain effect.” – Jack

We understand our Customers

“Being in business ourselves in a retail store I understand how it feels for the customer getting their deliveries. Where John comes from, he doesn’t like to say no. He knows how important it is so we work with the customer, we work with the driver in that area and try and get that delivery for them.” – Marie

“The turning point to coming across to Cold Xpress would be the fact that we keep the cold link and the product comes in to us and goes out to us all over Victoria and right across the borders so everything that comes in is quality controlled, spot checked from this point here right out to the customer anywhere across the state of Victoria, and beyond.” – Steeve

If it needs to be there, we’ll get it there.

“If you’re looking for a refrigerated solution, reliability has to be number one on those critical times when you really need it. Christmas, Easter, Cup day, that’s where we actually come alive. Most people just shut. We deal with short shelf-life product. If we take a week off, someone’s going to go without product. We started out of a 40-foot refrigerated container and now we’re on premises that are over 26000 square metres. We’ve got about 70 trucks now going out metro and country. Whether you’ve got 1 vehicle or 100 vehicles, the job is exactly the same. As long as your customers are happy, you’ll be happy. At the end of the day, anything can be done, that’s how I look at it. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a Sunday morning or 2 o’clock at night. If it needs to be there, we’ll get it there.” – John

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