Network Coverage

Network Coverage

Cold Xpress provides an unrivalled level of coverage to all of our regional customers. We have the capabilities to do many deliveries on a regular basis and we are proud to be able to provide a high level of support for our regional customers.

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Unrivalled Support

“As far as I know we’re the only transport company in Victoria that goes direct to the stores as many times as what we do. In regional, apart from southern New South Wales we do most areas anywhere between 3 and 5 days a week.” – John

Multiple Deliveries

“It’s important for regional stores because a store may only have a certain amount of room in their fridges. So they can’t get one delivery a week. They need multiple deliveries and if another transport company is only going there once or twice a week, how do they store their stock? You know, it causes an issue at the other end.” – John

Less Wastage, Less Shrinkage

“With us, because they know they can get 3, 4, 5, even 6 deliveries a week into regional areas they’re able to manage their stock better, have less wastage, less shrinkage and at the end of the day the consumer ends up with a fresher product.” – John