Here at Cold Xpress, we are proud to serve each and every one of our customers. We constantly strive for perfection in what we do and we aim to be there when other’s aren’t. Don’t take our word for it though, see what Andrew from Raw Materials has to say about us!

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Cold chain logistics delivery

“I found, why I started Raw Materials, I couldn’t find a lot of those ingredients through my traditional suppliers. We’re passionate about high-end groceries. We don’t compromise on quality. We’d sell a jar of truffles for $300 so for us the quality of that cold chain logistics delivery is extremely important and if the order gets there and it’s damaged in any way, we’ve more or less lost that order anyway and also lost the confidence of the customer.” – Andrew

Cold Xpress to the rescue

“I remember it quite clearly. It was the busiest week of the year, the week before Christmas and our freight partner decided not to come and pick up our freight in the morning. That’s when I quickly realised I didn’t have a freight partner. So we rang Cold Xpress, and Cold Xpress had come to our rescue.” – Andrew

There when you need us

“It was a huge relief because at the busiest weeks of the year it’s make or break for most of the businesses in our game. It’s just so important for us to have a freight partner who’s actually going to deliver on time and deliver what they promise. So, for us to have the guys at Cold Xpress come in and pick up after someone had let us down and to do the job and do the job well, well that’s why we’ve never looked back.” -Andrew

If it needs to be there, we’ll get it there.

“The thing about Cold Xpress being a family business their staff also are amazing as well. They actually really care about our relationship with our customers and I hear this from my customers all the time. They know the Cold Xpress delivery drivers. They’re always friendly, courteous and they’ve become part of our family as well. For us we’ve got a saying in our business, “catch and throw”, and that’s one thing that the guys at Cold Xpress are really good at. They’ll pick an order up from here today and it’ll be delivered to our customers tomorrow 100% of the time.” -Andrew

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