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The importance of maintaining the cold chain

“Maintaining the cold chain is basically making sure that your product is kept at the temperature you give it to us. We have full traceability on how we handle your product. From the second we pick it up, bring it back to our warehouse and deliver it, everything is always being monitored. It’s important to our customers because if something goes wrong our customers can prove that they’ve done everything right and we can prove that we’ve done everything right. If we can ensure our end is fine and our customers ensure that their end is fine then the only other place is out to a store which we have no control of.” – John

“So the importance of maintaining the cold chain for the end customer is that it maintains the integrity of the product and that the shelf life of the product is maintained. By having longevity in the lifespan of that product we’re able to maintain shelf life and have no waste so you maintain a profitable source for your business.” – Steeve

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