What Is ColdXpress up to in 2020……….??

What Is ColdXpress up to in 2020……….??

Over the last couple of years, we have given you sign on glass technology allowing instant notification of your POD giving you details such as a name, signature, time of delivery, temperatures and even a picture of your stock as a POD. Being able to upload your manifest directly from your system or invoice overlay POD’s….and much much more.

Many of our customers have embraced this technology and are wanting more!!

Our team has been working hard to make this happen and we are ready to complete the next stage of our warehouse being fully automated.

What does this mean for you?


What are the benefits?

  • Our scanning system will be able to read 2D barcodes as well as 3D barcodes. As well as scanning every box, it will also weigh and take a photo of every box given to us for distribution allowing full traceability from your stock arriving at our depot until it is delivered to your customer. (Whole pallets will be treated differently)
  • We will also be linking this to our route optimisation system to give you live updates as to when your product will be delivered to stores.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to work together to bring both our businesses to the next level with full traceability and professionalism

What to do next?

  • Quite a few of you are already using barcodes so keep doing what you are doing and start enjoying the benefits.
  • For those of you who are not using barcodes, we are here to help, and we will walk you through every step. CLICK HERE FOR GUIDE
  • Once you have uploaded a manifest into our system you all have the function to print labels which captures all the delivery details that you have inputted into your manifest.
  • If you are already using your own barcodes which incorporate the delivery details, not the product description, please provide us with a copy so we can check if it is compatible.
  • Most of you have a login to our system, if not we can re-send you your password and details.
  • If you haven’t already got a label printer a small investment of $550.00 will get you started, we are happy to assist in recommending a suitable printer.

Recommended Printers:

Labels Printed / day

Recommended Printer
Approx Retail Price (AUD)
< 100 Zebra GK420D $550.00
100 – 500 Zebra ZT230 $1950
> 500 Zebra ZT400 $2730


Our Team

Jack Di Losa – Operations CX – jack@coldxpress.com.au

John Di Losa – CEO CX – john@coldxpress.com.au

Drew Moran – Web  – drew@pixelrank.com.au – www.pixelrank.com.au 

Matt Sutherland – IT – matt.sutherland@ryve.com.au

Natalie – BDM CX – natalie@coldxpress.com.au

  1. Did I mention first in our industry to use a conveyor system to sort and allocate stock……stay tuned……


Thanking you in advance,

Your Cold Xpress Team


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