What is Barcode Scanning?

Simply put, Mobile Barcode Scanning is the process of scanning barcodes in order to confirm that you’re picking the right product. A lot of people may think that scanning barcodes will make them faster, but that’s actually not always true. More often than not it will actually slow you down. But crucially it will always improve accuracy.

The key benefit of scanning barcodes in a warehouse is a 100% confirmation that you’re picking the right product. It is very easy to make a picking mistake when you have two different products that look very similar and may even be named very similarly, and to pick the wrong one can lead to high costs.

Increasing Picking Accuracy

Scenarios of when picking the wrong stock can cost you include for example having to get the product back, or even having to get the whole pallet of a particular product back, which can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars, especially if it’s gone interstate.

So taking that extra time to scan the pallet before you send it out, or to scan the product before you pick it can save you literally thousands of dollars down the line. Plus it means that your stocks will be up-to-date and accurate within your Warehouse Management System.

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