Consistency is the key to supplying refrigerated goods of the highest quality.

Failure to maintain the “cold chain” in refrigerated transport can lead to suppliers and retailers losing thousands of dollars in compromised goods. Some rogue operators deliberately break the chain. Standards vary wildly throughout the industry, but we have spent many millions of dollars on advanced refrigeration and monitoring technology to ensure customers’ goods are stored and delivered in perfect condition.

Other companies hire on-forwarders that often use third parties, which means goods can change hands two or three times along the way. We have 20 of our own vehicles and about 70 sub-contractors working just for us so the transport is always direct. Some rogue operators turn their refrigeration off for a few hours on long journeys to save fuel. As the temperature of the product fluctuates, it compromises its integrity and what’s meant to have 10 days shelf life can be reduced to three days or less, causing the product to spoil before it’s use-by date.

Cold Xpress operates in metropolitan and country Victoria and north to southern NSW and Canberra using vehicles that are digitally monitored to ensure a constant and correct temperature. We guarantee the cold chain and do what most other companies don’t want to do. Most others want to deal with a whole pallet or a full truckload of stock going somewhere, but we’ll go for just a few boxes. We pick up stock locally and the rest comes from interstate. It comes to our depot in Rowville, where 45 storemen receive it up to 8pm daily, and it’s delivered to retail outlets from 5am the next day.

Cold Xpress has expanded the size of its depot four times since it began in 1998, and recently added a freezer to its state-of-the-art refrigeration plant, giving it more than 6000 square metres of temperature-controlled rooms. Our premises are HACCP and PrimeSafe accredited and we’re the largest company in what we do. We’re FoodWorks’ preferred carrier, work closely with Ritchies and we’re audited by companies like KFC, Subway and Woolworths. The paperless technology we offer our customers means their proof of delivery is available online in seconds and we can tell them to the precise second when a particular delivery arrived, what the temperature was and who accepted it. We provide in-depth traceability of all products.

Cold Xpress mostly handles goods customers buy in supermarket deli sections, although it transports groceries as well. Our biggest customer is Baiada Poultry, the company behind the Steggles and Lilydale brands. We can handle any product that needs reliable refrigerated transport and storage, whether it’s chicken or cheese, smallgoods, potato salad or meat to butcher shops. “Apart from covering country areas across Victoria, we go north to areas like Mildura, Hay, Griffith, Wagga, Bombala and Canberra. Wherever and whatever it is in that vast territory, we provide uncompromised refrigerated transport.

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