Meet the Team

Welcome to Cold Xpress

The business now conducted by Cold Xpress was first established in 1998 with John Di Losa and a partner. With Johns background in food, logistics and customer service, the company soon outgrew the partnership, and with a difference of opinion in company direction saw John with total ownership and control.

During this time the business has established a proven track record through its personalized service and reliability. Cold Xpress quickly developed into a company that is now the largest privately owned direct to store value added delivery service in Victoria. Cold Xpress has a fleet of over 60 refrigerated delivery trucks ranging from semi-trailers to two pallet vehicles, serviced and maintained by its own mechanics.

Cold Xpress has outgrown its premises 3 times in the past 10 years ending up in much larger state of the art facilities.

Cold Xpress boasts the most comprehensive delivery schedule by far, leaving its competitors in awe. Our delivery schedule goes as far as Bombala, Mt Gambier, Mildura, Griffiths, Hay and Wagga Wagga. We cover the majority of country areas 3 times per week and the balance twice a week with our own vehicles.

From the inception, Cold Xpress saw the importance of HACCP procedures, and we built a transport company around our HACCP manual rather than the other way round.


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